Sweet Sapphie's Story

Super Sweet Sapphie's Story




Sapphie ( short for Sapphire)  went missing for 2 weeks. Usually a placid indoor cat , her owners were understandably distressed and did everything they could to find her. They searched high and low , then put signs up, called vets, pounds and the RSPCA. One day after 2 weeks Sapphie got herself home somehow , unfortunately she was injured but managed to drag herself up the back stairs. After after seeing one of her radiographs ( the pre-op one above is the tibia ) you will understand how brave and determined she was considering her injuries. Her owners were so happy to see their Sapphie again, but obviously they noticed she was seveerly injured. It was after hours so they took her straight away to the emergency vets.


Sapphie's xrays showed she had a tail pull injury, multiple fractures to her pelvis and fractures to her tibia and fibula.

She also had nerve damage and soft tissue injuries to her Achilles tendon  and tibial nerve contusions. Despite having these horrific injuries, she was in amazingly good condition for a cat that had been missing for 2 weeks. The mystery is, her injuries looked 2 weeks old on the radiographs. So over this time maybe she found access to food and water as she had not lost weight and was not dehydrated. Her blood tests came back normal , with no evidence of kidney damage after all that trauma.  So who knows where she was during this time but we are so thankful she was strong enough to get herself back home.


Sapphie had specialist surgery to repair the fractures to her leg with a plate and 12 screws implanted.  The surgery was particularly risky and complicated because it had already started to heal in the incorrect position over the first 2 weeks when she was missing , and there may have been further damage to nerves when repair was attempted.  Her pelvis is healing  on its own and  Sapphie has recently had her review xrays. You can see from the 6 week postop  xray of her tibia and the cute photo of her that she is healing very well. We are happy to report that Dr Sue saw Sapphie  move the tip of her tail when she was taking the xrays for the first time in six weeks. Throughout her treatment, Sapphie has been such a beautiful girl considering the pain she was in, she was always purring and never got upset with all the teams looking after her. As long as you gave her a toy and cuddles she was happy. During her stay you would often find different staff members giving her generous amounts of attention (which she deserves of course).


Everyone here would also like to thank Sapphie's wonderful family for their dedication for looking after Sapphie through out the slow healing process and Sapphie of course for being the delightful super sweet and of course brave cat she is!!!