Introducing Dr Sue and her absolutely fabulous Labrador, Patsy ...

Patsy's Story 

Patsy has been a beautiful member of the Indooroopilly family for many years now. Some of our clients have met this beautiful gentle soul. If you haven’t next time you are in, ask to meet her she normally comes to work with her owner Dr Sue! Patsy loves a Pat (pardon the pun).


Patsy is a cancer survivor. In 2013 , at an age of only 8 years ,  a small soft lump was discovered over the right hip area.  ( you can only just see it on the clipped area in the above Christmas photo)   She was treated for a Grade 2 soft tissue sarcoma with a wide surgical resection, having to remove three muscles and re-locate skin from under her thigh to close the leg. The margins were clear and no further treatment was needed.  Unfortunately  10 months ago ( October 2016)  she was diagnosed with another sarcoma in her right inguinal area. At first Dr Sue's initial fine needle aspirate suggested a fatty lump but an excisional biopsy revealed that it was indeed a grade 3 sarcoma , the highest and most likely to be malignant grade.  There is no chemotherapy currently available for soft tissue sarcoma so despite  Dr Sue surgically removing the cancer, clean margins could not be achieved at the site, Patsy has undergone radiation treatment at the cancer specialist at BVSC at Albany Creek. Dr Elias Gumpel gave her 5 sessions of intense radiation to remove microscopic disease and slow its spread.   We were quite nervous before her last lot of tests three months post radiation. The most likely sites of spread are liver and lungs.  Thankfully her abdominal ultrasound and thoracic xrays were clear. No signs of cancer so far ! A big relief for Dr Sue!


Patsy has slowed down as you'd expect in her senior years but she still loves to retrieve things that might have something to do with her being a Labrador.  When you call her she always has to bring you something as a gift,  normally toys, shoes and in some cases something as small as a leaf or a piece of newspaper!